Vehicle decals

We provide vehicle decal services, from small inscription stickers, to enveloping entire vehicles in adhesive film. A full-body decal on a company vehicle will make your business more visible, and will protect the original paint of the vehicle beneath it. If you remove the film, you will find that the original coating has not discoloured, been scratched or sustained any other mechanical damage. This is a way to completely change the appearance of a vehicle.

UV allows printing of a design onto a transparent film, combining fine details into a single unit. This solution ensures that the decals are resistant to their operating conditions.

When preparing your vehicle for the decal, we use chemicals and degreasing agents that do not damage the paint, and tools that do not scratch the surface. When adapting the film to the shape of the vehicle, we use a special cutting filament to prevent damage to its paint and coat.

We provide the user of the vehicle with instructions for properly cleaning and caring for it.