Acrylic glass products

Acrylic glass (PMMA) is available in different thicknesses, from 2 to 20 mm. It is 3 times as strong and much clearer than normal glass. We offer transparent acrylic glass, as well as black, white, opal and various other colours. Acrylic glass is suited for CNC machining and laser cutting.

After machining, straight edges of acrylic glass can be diamond-ground to get an immaculate shine on the edges. We can both fold and bond acrylic glass.

PET or cast polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable, can be used for solutions that must be particularly strong.

Acrylic glass products:

  • transparent brochure and information stands
  • boxes for lotteries, questionnaires and donations
  • diplomas and awards
  • lightboxes with LED lighting

PET or cast polycarbonate products:

  • product stands and holders
  • pallet mats
  • product holders