Illuminated advertising with LED lighting

The illuminated letters are usually made out of aluminium or plastic (PET, PVC or acrylic glass). For specialised solutions we also use stainless steel, brass and copper. We use industrial paint to coat aluminium and stainless steel parts, so that our client’s illuminated advertisements serve longer than the warranty period, i.e., 2 years. To diffuse the light, we use acrylic glass covered in light-filtering adhesive film. The letters can be made with lateral and frontal lighting, as well as background lighting. If necessary, we can provide a twilight sensor or a remote control device, so that the client can adjust the intensity of the lighting.

The material solutions for the light boxes depend on where they are to be used, on their shape and the type of lighting:

  • for fully-lit rectangular boxes, we use aluminium bars with an acrylic glass, banner, textile or structured polycarbonate light-diffusing filter;
  • for rectangular boxes with partial lighting or additional 3D letters, we offer aluminium composite (Neobond) panels;
  • for custom-shaped boxes, we use an aluminium frame with an acrylic glass or banner light-diffusing filter.

For our illuminated advertising products, we use LED modules and current converters with a 5-year warranty. We handle the municipal permits, and install our products in Latvia and the other Baltic states.