Rare holds the property of the equipment that helps the company to stay competitive.

Konica Minolta C6000L A3 format


Eco solvent digital printer ROLAND XF-640


Eco solvent digital printer ROLAND VERSAART RS-640


and digital printer&cutter ROLAND VERSACAMM SP-540V allows to print promotional materials (width-max 1,34m/lenght- max 50m). This large sized printer can be used for interior and shopping-hall decorations, shop windows, floor and signboard stickers, posts and banner production. 


Rare team pays a  lot of attention to quality. The company is not dealing with "quantity over quality" issues, because we want clients to be satisfied about the effort and work we have put in every client's order. So we could make long time&trusted work-relationships between company and the client.

CNC Router 


Workig area - 2000*3000mm. Engraving speed- 15-20m/min.

Router can be used in different fields - it can be used in wood-working - wood, plywood, cutting and engraving, groove deposition, and even plastic processing- comatex, plexiglass, foam plastic and etc. Router's use in advertising industry only widens - we can use it to make different kind of price tags (for closer look-take peak at gallery), representable stands and signs, and all other kind irregular shaped articles. 

Laser Engraving Machines

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Working area - 900*600mm and 1300*900mm. Engraving speed- can reach 24000mm/min, depending on material.

The machine helps us to engrave and to laser materials like plexiglass, wood, bamboo, paper, plastic and cardboard box products. As a result we can get keyrings, decorative elements, stencils, etc.

Plexiglass folding machine


The machine is used for amorphous thermoplastic sheets (polyvinyl chloride PVC and PMMMA plexiglass) folding at high temperatures, which allows the material to obtain the desired shape. 

Heat press


A heat press can be used to transfer images onto printable material. The heat press can imprint T-shirts, hats, tote bags.


We recommend you to visit the gallery, where you can get closer look at the end results of our client ideas, so you get inspired!